• ECOSYSTEM INOCULATION. Soil and Forest Restoration that Benefits the Environment and Human Health

The Sustainable Solutions Hub (SSH) is a primary Research Institution and an International Alliance between Industry and Academia to develop and implement sustainable technologies aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

SSH hosts five areas of global significance including:

  • Food Security
  • Energy Security
  • Environment/Biodiversity
  • Human Health
  • Water Security

Why does it matter?

There is often a long delay between the emergence of new sustainable technology and its adoption by the market. The Sustainable Solutions Hub provides solutions and accelerates commercialisation of sustainable technologies through collaboration between industry and R&D experts,

We bring together scientists, engineers, researchers, investors and industry partners to form an ecosystem of R&D providers and industry to specifically streamline the development of new sustainable solutions. We cover the entire supply chain of fundamental research, proof-of-concept, product development, marketing, distribution, and sales.

Services include:

  • Contract Research through our Team of Experts and Partners
  • Consultancy towards commercialisation of sustainable technologies and products
  • Due Diligence Checks for Investors who wish to independently assess the technical feasibility of new technologies
  • Testing New Ideas through our TryMyIdea.org Alliance
  • Workshops and Training for Sustainable Technologies and assistance with Start-up Companies

At present, we have 31 Sustainable Solutions ready for implementation by industry. If your technology is significantly more sustainable than current practices, we would also like to hear from you.

For more information contact Prof. Peer Schenk at p.schenk@susolhub.com or visit www.SchenkLab.com

The Sustainable Solutions Hub is based in Brisbane, Australia, and is operated by Global Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd, ACN 666 489 452.