• BIODIVERSITY FOR ECOSYSTEM SERVICES & BIODISCOVERY. SSH uses “ecosystem inoculation” for forest restoration that benefits not only the environment but also human health.

Prof. Peer Schenk, Global Sustainable Solutions Pty Ltd

Peer Schenk is the Research Director of the Sustainable Solutions Hub based in Brisbane, Australia. He has over 30 years’ experience in R&D as Lead Scientist and former Professor at the University of Queensland and Shanxi Agricultural University, leading to 5 Start-up companies, 7 Patents and >250 scientific papers. He is an expert in Plant Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering and Regenerative Agriculture, and spearheaded the emerging areas of Large-Scale Algae Cultivation and Plant Microbiome Engineering. He is a regular advisor to the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Research Council and the European Science Foundation. He shares a strong passion with his team to develop and advance sustainable key technologies to address the most pressing issues on this planet. Contact him here or listen to his recent interview.

Luke Gracias, XtracTech, Environmental Specialist, Wastewater and Clean Energy

Luke is an environmental specialist with over 25 years’ experience in environmental approvals, the development of waste water and clean energy technologies and environmental compliance. He has a Masters in Environmental Science from the University of Melbourne.

Dr. Lina Maria González, Bashan Institute of Science, Expert in Microbial Biofertilisers, Regenerative Agriculture and Soil Restoration

Lina is a Research Associate of the Bashan Institute of Science, Alabama, a not-for-profit organisation where she advances environmental science and technological applications for soil restoration. During her PhD, she developed a fully-sustainable bioenergy production system from microalgae (“Solar Power Plant for Fuel”) by using nutrient recycling.

Dr. Hooman Mirzaee, Expert in Plant Pathology, Biodiscovery and Bioactive Natural Compounds

Hooman is a strongly dedicated scientist who is passionate about using natural compounds for Human Health and Plant Pathology. He discovered several new antimicrobial compounds with potential use as new antibiotics, and he isolated bacteriocins (antimicrobial peptides from bacteria) that he successfully used to engineer disease resistant plants.

Prof. Claudia Vickers, Synthetic Biologist, BioBuilt Solutions

Claudia is an expert in Synthetic Biology with over 25 years’ experience in academia, government research, and industry. She was founding Chair of Synthetic Biology Australia, inaugural Director of CSIRO’s synthetic biology program, served on the Executive of the Global Biofoundries Alliance, provided advice to the OECD, and co-chaired the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Synthetic Biology. She holds advisory board positions for Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) and is Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology (ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology, Centre for Agriculture and the Bioeconomy) and Griffith University (Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery).

Dr. Yan (Michael) Li, Sustainable Aquaculture and Algae Cultivation

Michael is a Senior Scientist with extensive R&D work experience in algae biology, aquatic environmental remediation and natural bioproduct chemistry. He has led several industry-oriented algae and aquaculture R&D projects in Norway, China and Australia. His current R&D support service focuses on innovative applied biotechnology and commercialisation of high-value bioproducts from algae to service identified markets for nutraceuticals (food-& therapeutic grades), biochemicals (end products), agri-feed and bioenergy.

Dieter Zellmann and Sue Mazi, Sonnschein Sunflower and Fruit, Agronomy and Sustainable Agriculture

Dieter and Sue operate the Sonnschein Sunflower and Fruit Farm in Wamuran, Australia where they apply innovative and sustainable solutions to increase crop production with high quality.

Marco Conti, Aussie Pharma, Expert in Pharmaceuticals, IT, Photovoltaics and Business Plans

Marco is a trained Economist and a highly-skilled entrepreneur. He has 30 years’ experience in commercialising new pharmaceuticals, novel IT solutions and renewable energy systems.

Erika Bolneo, AUKI Beauty, Health and Fitness Expert

Erika holds a Biomedical degree with Honours and has over 12 years’ experience in the Health and Fitness sector. Inspired by an academic environment and her expertise in the beauty industry, she developed a strong passion for research and sustainable product development. Using these acquired skills, combined with a lifelong background in beauty, health, and fitness, Erika founded AUKI in 2018, a holistic beauty brand that aims to fight ageing from the inside out using cruelty-free products.

Dr Antony Martin, Hone and Synthia Bio, Food Quality Control and Synthetic Biology

Antony is the CEO and Founder of Hone, a successful business on Food and Ag Products Quality Control that empowers data-driven decision making. Using a Synthetic Biology approach, he has embarked on using microbes (bacteria and algae) as biofactories to produce proteins, biofuels and pharmaceuticals.

Kenneth Killeen, Minden, Engineer and Graphic Designer

Kenny is a highly skilled Manufacturer and talented Scientific Illustrator. His outstanding illustrations and prototype designs of fully-integrated biorefineries have inspired several commercial applications in renewable energy and nutraceuticals for human health. He is passionate about sustainable solutions to address environmental aspects and human health.

Prof. Nasser Sewelam, Tanta University, Plant Genetics, Molecular Biology and Stress Tolerance

Nasser is an internationally-renowned expert in molecular mechanisms mediating plant tolerance to global warming-associated environmental challenges. He also has advanced business management skills and spearheads the development of climate-adapted crops.

Maria Batool, Plant Scientist and Microbiome Engineer

Maria is a highly experienced Plant Scientist who has spearheaded the new approach of “Targeted Microbiome Engineering”. Using this method, she enabled plants to recruit functional rhizobacteria from the soil that can significantly improve plant growth under abiotic stress conditions.

Pema Tobgay, Agripreneur and Senior Plant Pathologist

Pema is an expert in sustainable agriculture developed in Bhutan, crop protection, microbiology and diagnostic services, and is highly competent in conducting molecular diagnostics, laboratory bioassays, greenhouse experiments and field trials. Pema also has strong connections to government departments and agricultural industry in South Asia.

Dr Weria Weisany, Distinguished Scientist – Sustainable Agriculture

Weria is a Plant Physiologist and Biochemist who uses his knowledge in Crop Management to achieve goals in Sustainable Agriculture and Adaptation to Climate Change. He demonstrated that application of growth-promoting microbial biofertilisers resulted in plants with significantly higher nutritional value, and is passionate about Food Security.

Dave Robinson, Physicist, Cyber-Security, Risk and Safety Advisor

Dave is an experienced technology writer, a programmer, an electronic circuit designer, a photographer, and a business owner who likes to think outside the box. He is an expert on risk and safety in the workplace and cyber-security advisor for water supply. Green solutions have always been a side interest for Dave with his attention drawn particularly towards algae evolution with the ultimate aim of substituting fossil oil dependency. 

Further expertise is provided by our Partners and the Schenk Lab team